CS - Coelho da Silva Plasma clay tiles; 6 textures / finishes in 9 different colours; We've got it covered from 13 to 90 degrees vertical facade!

CS ( COELHO DA SILVA  ) was established in 1927. It has continued to be a family owned business with a strategy firmly focused on quality and innovation, it is this drive and commitment which has made CS one of Europe's ( and by default ) the worlds leading manufacturers boasting a production capacity of 57 million units making it Portugals largest clay tile manufacturer.

CS uses the very latest technology and equipment for the manufacture of its range of roofing products, for example plaster cast molds which provide far greater definition and consistency as opposed  to the run of the mill silicone molds. The plaster used to form the moods is subsequently all recycled in order to make more molds and so on.

The local sources of fine clays from which to draw upon is a tremendous advantage and ecologically beneficial to the environment, All the blends of clays used for production are stored indoors which is extremely important and of course the all important firing temperature at over 1,200º Celsius helps make the finished product absolutely perfect for cold wet climates.


Plasma; was the first flat interlocking roof tile to be produced in the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to its innovative design, Plasma stands out as an option clearly directed to the market of contemporary architecture. It can be used both in roofing and rainscreen façades, and introduces a new paradigm on the concept of full ceramic covering, allowing a complete continuity of the colour and aesthetic of the building, without needing to introduce different materials thereby facilitating the installation process, couple this with a very simple and effective installation makes this a primary option.

The CS Plasma being a Low Pitch clay roof tile bares tremendous advantages in this day and age of extensions to existing homes and modern low angle roofs. 

Applicable norm: EN 1304
Clay roofing tiles for discontinuous laying. Products definitions and specifications. 

          Full covering    Rainscreen       Roofing

Roof tile dimensions for through colour based:

Roof tile dimensions for natural red clay based:

Anthracite, Steel Grey
Metallic Grey, Brown & Slate
486mmx249 mm

Natural Red, Glazed Red, 
Pearl White & Copper Green
487mmx251 mm
Roof tile weight (approx.): 4 kg
Roof tiles per m2 (approx.): 12.5
Batten measures (approx.): 38.5 cm
Roof tiles per mini-pack: 6
Minimum roof angle / pitch with vapour  membrane         13º
Maximum roof angle / pitch Rainscreen cladding 
Guarantee period in years         35

Test   Applicable
  Flexural strength EN 538 Resistência > 900N    Pass  
  Impermeability EN 539-1 According to level 1
(model 2)
  Frost resistance EN 539-2 Resistance level 1 - 150 cycles
(method E)
EN 1024 Planarity <= 1.5%
Rectilinearity <= 1.5%
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